Explaining the RACE model

The RACE model was created by Dave Chaffey to help digital marketers plan and manage activities in a more structured way, as many marketers don’t have a well-formed digital marketing strategy. The RACE model can be used by both small and large business to take the best advantage of the opportunities available to them through digital marketing. Below is a quick outline as to what RACE stands for:

R – Reach

Reach involves building an awareness of your brand, your product and services in order to build website traffic. It includes maximising your brands reach over time to create multiple interactions with customers through paid, owned and earned media.


A – Act

In this case, act is short for interact. It’s based on how brands encourage interaction on websites and on social media to generate leads, it’s a big challenge for online marketers. It’ about persuading potential customers to take the next step and act on their journey, this could be by purchasing or product or even just reading blog post, it can vary from business to business. Act is also about encouraging participation by sharing content on social media or a customer leaving a review


C – Convert

This section is about converting a lead into a sale. It involves getting your audience to take the next step which turns them into a paying customer. The payment could be taken through online e-commerce transactions or offline channels.


E – Engage

This is about long-term engagement between the customer and the business. This builds up brand loyalty meaning that first-time buyers are more likely to return and repeat transactions. This could be done through social media, adding the customer to a mailing list or direct interactions to boost customer lifetime value. This success of this can be measured by repeat actions, such as a repeat sale and sharing content though social media.

I hope this blog post was helpful!


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